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Yasmin Mamlouk

Yasmin is an award-winning designer & artist. Studied fashion design at ESMOD (École supérieure des arts et techniques de la mode), & worked for Lebanese fashion designer Elie Saab in 2006, where she quickly made her way up. In 2017, Yasmin won the award for the best designer in Runaway Dubai competition & was critically acclaimed, & her creative conceptual designs attracted the industry pioneers.

We were honored to be chosen to create the visual look & the brand identity for her. But it was in 2018, when we passionately crafted the full identity of her new designs -The Atargatis Collection- that were chosen to open the Runaway Dubai Fashion Show. 




Atargatis was the name of Yasmin's new conceptual collection that was inspired by The Assyrian Goddess Atargatis, the mermaid which represents the female power of bringing fertility and protection to her people & land. Moreover, inspired by famous fish swimming against the tide, and from the fish symbol in the Chinese culture which represents the good luck of passing through different stages in life.

The name itself played a role in the art direction of this project, from the typography design of the name to the collection catalog.

A teaser/intro requested by client as required by the show organizers. The task was to create a simple content to deliver the story behind the collection design. 

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