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Fine's Gummies

Fine's supplements are Vegan-friendly, plant-based products that are irresistibly delicious. Their expertise is derived from a variety of fields from nutrient research, global pharmaceutical companies, and everyday interests in health and wellness, add to this, more than 40 years of working across the pharmaceutical and wellbeing industries. Hence, we focused on creating an outstanding identity that meets the client's reputable history & delivering an "irresistibly delicious" brand as well.

Being honored to work on the project from the very beginning gave us the privilege to strategically construct both verbal & visual clarity for the brand in order to reflect the high-quality products, from naming to logo design, brand identity, communication strategy, packaging, advertising & media campaigns.


Best Kids Products Packaging Designs


antioxidant supplement

Adults Products

Design of range

of a product line for adults

fine's vitamin d + calcium gummis supplemen for kids

Design of range

of a product line for kids

Kids Products







Initial conceptual

sketches & concept

development of each

products' poster


Kids' product-line posters were designed with a unique visual approach to increase the awareness of parents as well as children about the benefits of each supplement.

Marketing Aid for Social Media / Feed Design

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