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Johannis Ariff

JA is a stylist / creative director who believed in his vision to create an elegant minimalist brand that delivers a message that individuals in JOHANNIS ARIFF are strong, educated, firm and they know their own style. From this clear client's statement & vision came the visual identity that presents the simplicity, minimalism, yet sophisticated & firm tone of the brand. From typography creation to how the very detailed emblem was adapted from it.

The Lion is majestic. One can admire it, fear it, chase it, & conquer it. Johannis Ariff decided to tame it. The Lion is Johannis. Born August 9th under the fifth sign of the zodiac. The two numbers that would become his good luck charm; The Lion would be his constellation. The Lion is a personality; audacious and distinctive, passion and radiant. The Lion is an emblem. The Lion is an inspiration. The Lion is the spirit of JOHANNIS ARIFF.




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